Friday, March 6, 2009

Know your role

When I got home from work today, there was still more work to be done. There always is. If you get home from work and there isn't still work to be done, then you are either a) filthy rich or b) harboring Hungarian students in need of Visas. (and come to think of it... that would require a lot of work too).

I'm a big fan of puttering. I was first introduced to this term when my mother and father had vacation and decided not to go anywhere. I spoke to my mom mid week and I ask how things were going. "Your father is puttering about, keeping himself occupied." My father, to his credit, managed to hang wallpaper in bathrooms, clean gutters, mow lawns, fix various non electrical things around the house, have a full christmas display every year. Mind you, this didn't all happen over the same vacation, it just became habit for him.

Now its my turn. Things have to get done around the house. Certain duties just fall into your lap and you have to take care of them when you have time. I vacuum our ever shedding rug, change the cat litter, run and empty the dishwasher... Ho hum tasks that need to get done so your wife wont yell at you.

Every so often in new putter gets thrown into your routine. You have to hang a picture, change some laundry, (and my favorite) assemble some furniture. You take what you can get. Today's was planting my spring garden. That'll be a post for a different day. Green thumbs run in the family... hope it didn't skip a generation.

The added part of this is having a 19 month old while you do it. I tend to let Sophia run about. If I'm doing stuff in the kitchen, I trust her enough to handle her business in the living room. Besides, thanks to many wonderful relatives, we have many, many noise toys to help keep tabs on her. Thanks guys, no... really... thanks... I will admit that it is funny when Sophia guides the vacuum around the living room. It warms the cockles of the heart, maybe even the sub cockles.

Ok... Gotta wrap this up... have to be at work in couple hours and still have some puttering to do...

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  1. My favorite character on Sesame Street when I was a child was Oscar the Grouch; I've modeled my life on his and have nothing to do when I get home from work. I live in a metaphorical garbage can and am very proud.