Saturday, March 14, 2009

Manly feeling

I haven't felt this manly in a while... I'm driving to Home Depot with a pocket full of cash to buy a shower filter (which I will have to install), picture hanging stuff (which I will have to hang) and browse garden stuff to prepare for replants.

Might be to much... Maybe will stop for cosmo or double mocha latté frappichino ice coffee thingy...


Yeah... those feelings of manliness are gone. I just got back from home Depot where I bought two window box planters and a dozen flowers to go in them... what kind of flowers you ask... Pansies.

Why did I buy the pansies? Because I thought they would look pretty in our back yard and didn't know the name of them was until after I made the decision to buy them.

I'll be back I have to go chug a quart of motor oil and talk about football.

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